First Dancing Snowflakes

One day the snowflakes in Špela’s town delighted people with their dancing. They are flew over the nearby hills and nodded to children’s gazes, which peered through the windows high into the sky. Špela’s look at this year’s first snowflakes, who sat on the trees and leaped up and down the sidewalk emitted an indescribable joy. Winter, winter white … a known children’s song started to sing in her mind.

Happily she ran to her mother and asked her for permission to join the other children who were already happily dragging their sleds to the nearby hill. Of course the mother had no other desire than to please her little girl, as you simply can not say no to that innocent looking expression. It didn’t take long when Spela already descended from the snowy slopes. All she needed were her jacket, a hat, a pair of gloves and of course her wooden sled. Jure and Katka had their sleds, which they tested for the first time this year and enjoyed it immensely!

The joy of the children was really indescribable. Among the beautiful moments time flies quickly, and lo and behold, the children in all of their joy did not even notice when the city already fallen dark. Until the time came when their parents came calling them home. The dreams of children were really nice that night. They dreamt of small white lumps of snow, which caressed their noses, and melted on their warm and happy cheeks.