Our Story

Dry goods with tradition since 1492!

The oldest, the most numerous and at the same time a very unique domestic craft of Slovenia is dry goods. The emergence of dry goods dates back to the 6th century, when the indigenous people were dealing with it. In the 15th century, and more specifically in 1492, the Austrian Emperor Friderik III granted the right to free trade with dry goods.

The right to free trade was best used by the inhabitants of the Ribnica region, and thus gave a characteristic inscription “ribniška roba”, which is known the by the whole Slovenia and a large part of Europe.


Health and Wood

Forests contribute to the well-being of the entire planet, to the production of oxygen that creates life, and also offers accommodation to various wildlife. The forest is a rich source of medicinal herbs and microorganisms, and we have much to learn about them. Wood is a product of nature, making it a natural material, which has been intensively used in households and homes for many millennia.

All products are coated with natural wood coating, which protects the wood further. Wooden household utensils and wooden toys that come in direct contact with people are harmless and are environmentally friendly. Wood is also easy to clean, simply wipe it only with a damp cloth.


Why buy products with the oldest tradition?

Because you will preserve the existence and tradition of the Slovenian craftsmen, making it last for many years to come. You will only buy traditional products whose tradition goes back centuries ago.

You will only buy unique products whose authenticity is inherited from generation to generation. Bring tradition to your home with quality products from the land of dry goods and comfirm the quality of products yourself.

“By purchasing products from Ribničan you will not exploit the forests, but you will preserve them. Your action will be written in nature! ”