Why Purchase Traditional Wooden Gifts?

We all know that gifts work wonders. We present you natural wooden gifts in a neat packaging. We guarantee you that with our gifts you will create smiles for your loved ones and many others!

  • Because you only buy traditional products.
  • The items evoke a touch of nostalgia.
  • Because you will buy unique products

We have many satisfied customers, among them is the singer Alenka Godec , who says:

“I’ve known woodeware from Ribnica since childhood, and at least some pieces were always in the kitchen of my grandmother and my mother. And it’s no different at my home, since I’m a housewife myself.
You simply cannot have a kitchen without wooden utensils, and many kitchen lovers will probably agree! The products are useful, practical, good-looking and even made of natural materials, which gives me a good feeling, and gives the kitchen atmosphere!
And by purchasing products we also contribute to the planting of new trees which is a very noble act! That is simply icing on the cake in our decision to buy wooden kitchen products! “

Other users of our products are: Maribor 2012, Gorenje, Najdi.si, Terme Krka, Siemens, Bayer, Schnaider Electric …

We will find the right gift for you!